Imagine this... you are sixteen years old and surprised with your first new car, and then just a few months later that new car is involved in a hit-and-run! I know it happens, but when it happens to people you know, it boils your blood! A Richland boy named Talon was parked at the Walla Walla High School gym, attending a basketball game Wednesday night when his new car was struck by another vehicle, leaving extensive damage.

The driver of the assault vehicle did acknowledge the damage caused to Talon's car and even took the time to leave a note! However, the note was vague and they neglected to leave any contact information. We would like to believe it was just a simple oversight and that they were probably just shaken up from the intensity of the accident when they left the note, so we are giving them the benefit of the doubt!

The note read: "Couldn't find you, left a note to contact us about your fender,"  but unfortunately, there was no contact information to follow. The note was written on a piece of paper that we hope can help identify the driver! The paper was torn from a "Material and Labor Record" pad, with no other information. If this was you and you just simply forgot to leave your name and phone number, it's not too late to do the right thing! Or if you know someone who has new damage to their vehicle and this ledger is something they might possess, we ask that you please reach out to Talon's Mom, Kari. Or send us a message and we would love to pass along the information!

We are sorry about your car Talon and hope that together we can help find the perp!

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