Credit: City of Richland
Credit: City of Richland

A major road in Richland will be closed this Monday morning. Make plans for your detour.

Lucky me. One of the streets I travel most is going to be closed Monday through Wednesday of next week. Luckily, we have the scoop. So, we can plan our routes, accordingly. I know I'm NOT the only one.

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The heavily traveled Stevens Drive in Richland will be closed beginning Monday through Wednesday. Fortunately, the closure is only between Swift and Williams Boulevards. I must admit, when I first saw the headline, I panicked. Pretty much every Richland road closure will do some damage. Of course, that means time added to the commute.

This one, however, with the warning, shouldn't trouble us too much. What's affected, really, a block, maybe?

The closure is expected to last from Monday at 5 am through Wednesday at 5 pm. The detour will direct traffic to Jadwin Avenue.

This is to be a two-phase project that will resume in November, with a three-day closure planned at that time.

For more Richland road closures and traffic information, go here.

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