Dr.Nicole MacTavish was picked to lead Richland Schools into the future and now she's being asked to leave...with a hefty settlement.

MacTavish was handpicked to succeed the current Richland Schools Superintendent Rick Schulte but looks like after several weeks of being absent at board meetings and school events, she's moving on.

She's also cutting a sweet exit package that includes a $68,000 lump sum payout.

According to a statement released by the school district - here are more details on the settlement:

If MacTavish can find work in another district, the agreement says the district is responsible for paying the difference between that new job’s salary and $258,000. So if she gets a job that brings in $200,000 a year, the district will pay another $58,000 within 30 days of being informed.

Then for the next two school years, if she’s working, she gets the difference between her new salary and $250,000. If she’s not working, then she gets $200,000 each year for both years.

Current Superintendent Rick Schulte has signed on for another year and no replacement has been named for MacTavish according to the school district.

You can read more about the settlement here. 


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