Hey, it was an accident OK? Some Richland residents got a small taste of what it's like to be a rioter that got teargassed by police.  According to reports, the Richland Police Bomb Squad was getting rid of some expired tear gas. I guess it wasn't expired enough to be inert!  They've apparently gotten rid of tear gas in this location and using this method many times before with no problems.  But all it took was a little shift of the wind to help the tear gas get in the eyes of a few unsuspecting Richland residents. Once the police found out it was affecting residents, they stopped immediately.

So what exactly is tear gas? The chemical name is not something I can even pronounce. But according to Wikipedia, it was invented by a couple of American chemists in 1928. It was first tested on animals, as it is not lethal. It turns out that animals are not affected by tear gas like people are. Their tear ducts are different than ours and just it doesn't work as well. I found it interesting that the chemicals that make up tear gas are actually in solid form at room temperature and they have to use special techniques to make it a gas that can be sprayed. Isn't it funny the things you found boring as a kid, you find interesting as an adult? I totally failed chemistry.

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