With home security cams getting more affordable every day, and social media there to spread the crime caught on video, it's getting tougher for the bad guys. I'm not sure if this guy was smart or lucky. He doesn't really show his face on the camera, but that's okay. Because someone, somewhere knows his clothing, his walk, or maybe even his vehicle. Watch as he approaches the camera, lifts the package (s), and heads to his SUV.

West Richland Police also posted on Facebook that if you've been expecting a package, check to see if it has already been delivered. It may have been stolen by a porch pirate they recently nabbed. They caught him in the vicinity of Argos and Troy.

These vermin need to be taken on the streets. Aside from the hassle of having to contact your seller to let them know your package hasn't arrived even though they show it as delivered, now you're going to have to wait for the cool thing or gift you ordered.

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