A Richland woman is accused of stealing her granddaughter for 2 months and moving across the state after being asked to babysit for a couple of hours. That woman, Brenda Amador, was eventually found in Marysville with her 2 year old granddaughter safe and sound. The father had originally asked Amador to watch his daughter on April 11th so he could go to the courthouse and file custody paperwork because the mother had been incarcerated according to news reports. When the father returned, both Amador and his daughter were gone.

After filing a police report and telling police Amador was refusing to answer phone and text messages. On June 19th, police found out Amador was living in Marysville and sent an officer to the house. The officer found the young girl with other adults but Amador was not there. The girl was taken back to her father and Amador is out of custody and cleared to travel across state to make her court appearances.


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