This should serve as a couple of lessons:

First off, don't try to enter a house that isn't yours because the homeowner might be a former pugilist and drop you like a sack of potatoes on the front porch.

Secondly, if you're unsure of what a pugilist is, look it up on Google. I'll admit that I've heard the word before but wasn't sure what it was. But if you ask local residents in the Facebook comment section, this guy deserved everything he got. Yep, he should've Googled it.

20-29331 11 pm in the 400 block of Abott street, A Richland resident (55) is under arrest for allegedly driving under...

Posted by Richland WA Police Department on Wednesday, December 30, 2020


A 55-year-old man is probably wishing he stayed home after being dropped for the count and dropped in a cell. Before police were able to arrive, a resident of the home the suspect was trying to get into, "dropped" the man on the porch. We'll let you imagine how exactly that went down. Unfortunately for the suspect, I don't think the occupant had time to throw on his gloves.

Too bad he got drunk, knocked out, and jailed the day before New Year's Eve. It's doubtful he was able to have a proper send-off for 2020.

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