I really just don't have that much printing to do at home. But every time I do need to print something, my ink jet cartridges are dry from lack of use. Replacing those is no cheap affair, either. So I thought I would just buy the black cartridge and not worry about color printing. Wrong! I can't seem to set up my Epson printer for b&w prints only and I keep getting *warning* messages telling me to replace the yellow cartridge before I can print. Infuriating!

So I went to Amazon.com and did some searching and read lots of reviews. My HP M15w Laser Jet printer came in the mail two days later and I love it! Set up for wireless printing was super easy. It takes up almost no space on my desktop. It is b&w only like I wanted and the prints are sharp and clean. The printer was under $100 and new toner cartridges are less than $50, which will print hundreds more pages than my old ink jet!

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