Two sisters at Kennewick's Canyon View Elementary School received the surprise of a lifetime on Friday.

Wach as Petty Officer Kyle Byrd surprises his daughters, who haven't seen him in months. (Byrd has been serving aboard the USS Ralph Johnson in the Arabian Gulf with the U.S. Navy.)  Click the "REUNION" button below for a heartwarming video.

Check out the reaction of sisters Aleyna and Madyson when they realize what's happening. It's the best ever! The girls' mom, Kayla coordinated the reunion with the staff at Canyon View Elementary. This was the greatest way to end the school week and begin the best family weekend ever!

I'd be lying if I didn't admit to getting a little emotional watching this. This is definitely a memory of a lifetime!

Thank you for your service, Petty Officer Byrd. We hope you enjoy your time at home with your girls!

Courtesy of Kennewick School District
Courtesy of Kennewick School District
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