With everything going on in this pandemic, paying the bills can be difficult, especially paying the rent.  COVID-19 has affected the incomes of many Washingtonians.

The Washington State Department of Commerce has approximately $100 million of federal CARES act funding available to renters in the state.

The money available can cover up to three months of past due, current. or future rent through December of 2020.  The money will be paid to landlords for eligible participants.  According to a release:

 A survey recently showed 17% of renters in Washington state missed their July rent payment. Since February, state’s employment has declined 12% – over twice that of the worst point in the Great Recession – and use of basic food assistance programs has increased by 15%.

If you'd like to apply, you must make 50% or less than the area's average income and missed at least one rental payment since March.  There are additional ways to qualify.  You can learn more here.

Homelessness has been increasing in the Evergreen state since 2013, due to growing rents and now, due to COVID-19 pandemic.  Funding is currently making its way into communities.

Each county in the state must distribute a minimum amount to ethnic minorities based on the percentage of the population earning below the national poverty line.

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