If you grew up in the '90s, I'm sure you liked watching the slew of "tween" shows that aired on Nickelodeon. We all grew up on those shows like "All That" and "Clarissa Explains It All". 

You might recall one of those Nickelodeon TV shows featured a young actress from Kennewick. If not, I'm here to jog your memory!

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Her name is Erin J. Dean and you might remember her from Boy Meets World where she shared her first kiss on stage with Ben Savage or that she starred for three seasons in the Nickelodeon TV series of The Journey Of Allen Strange. 

Dean co-starred as sister Robbie Stevenson on the hit TV series.

The series was about Allen Strange who is actually an alien who was stranded on Earth, taking the form of a human teenager. She played the role for three seasons before moving on to other film projects.

She did score a lead in the film "Lovers Lane" in 1999. She played the lead character in this drama/thriller involving a serial killer which was filmed in Seattle.

According to IMDB, she decided to retire to attend college after the making of Lovers Lane.

Dean was born in Kennewick before moving to Southern California. She got her start acting after successfully performing on America's Funniest People at the age of 12.

The next time you dig out the old VHS cassettes to watch an old TV series, you might be surprised to discover one of the actors is from our little neck of the woods right here in the Tri-Cities.

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