I remember quite some years ago when I first heard about Bose speakers. I just had to have the surround sound system hooked up to my TV set. This is back when a 32-inch TV weighed about 400 pounds! So I saved up my pennies and finally got the Bose surround sound system. Oh yes, it sounded tremendous, but what an incredible pain in the butt to hook up it was back in those days! You had satellite speakers behind you, satellite speakers in front of you, and of course, everything was wired. Then you had the bass box and the center speakers. And of course, everything was wired, did I mention that? But once we plugged Top Gun into the VCR (LOL), the sound was unbeatable! These days Bose is still a popular brand and even wireless! At least for some of the smaller Bluetooth speakers anyway. I guess that wonderful sound just got the better of these two suspects pictured below. Do you know someone who recently came home with a Bose wireless speaker and just couldn't wait to crank it up? Only problem is that they don't have the money to buy it. Kennewick Police would sure like to have a chat with this audiophile couple. (I do have Bose hooked up to my TV this many years later, but it's simpler hook up than the system I had all those years ago, and for about $1000 less! If you're into Bluetooth speakers, I would suggest the JBL Charge. I thought it had better sound and you didn't have to be directly in front of it get the full richness of the music.) Maybe the wireless Bose fits in a shoplifter's purse better than the JBL?



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