Is this for real?  Yes.  It is.

Students who attend school in Springfield, Illinois remotely have a dress-code policy.  They must not wear pajama pants, slippers, hats, bandannas, or sunglasses.

Officials with Springfield Public Schools are hoping the students will follow the same dress-code on their Zoom streams as if they were attending in the classroom.

According to the school district's handbook, students should "be sitting up out of bed preferably at a desk or table."

The district has approximately 14-thousand students and classes start on August 31st in person and online, in a modified schedule.

How will this be enforced?  According to a statement from the district:

“If there is a specific concern as it relates to dress code, we will address it individually with the student and their family.”

While some parents don't agree with the dress-code the district maintains that the policy changes were developed with both teachers and parents.

I do have a question.  "Who is the Pajama Police?"

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