Currently, Pasco is without Uber services because the grassroots transportation giant resists requirements that their drivers be fingerprinted. But a new bill could change that.

Unlike Kennewick and Richland, Pasco has a fingerprint requirement for cab drivers. The cost is $5. However, Uber has resisted such efforts, and in fact pulled it's services from Austin, Texas over a related issue.

But according to sources, a proposed Senate bill could eliminate that issue. Senate Bill 5620 (Substitute Senate bill 5620) is working it's way through committees. If it ends up passing, it would require statewide regulation of transportation companies such as Uber and Lyft, which operate off smartphone or website applications. Services where consumers utilize the site to arrange transportation.

The bill would apply the same local and national criminal backround checks for prospective drivers and also review their driving record. It does not include proposals for fingerprinting. The bill would impose a $.10 cent cost to cover the implementation and operation of the statewide regulation of the industry.

It would not apply to taxis, limos, or other community ride-share programs. Officials say fingerprinting is one the few solid ways to confirm identity and security with drivers, especially when it comes to criminal backrounds.

The Pasco City Council has a been deadlocked on the issue of fingerprinting so far.

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