Retail prices for chicken wings have been trending lower in recent months, just in time for the Super Bowl and March Madness.  Previously, a combination of limited supplies and strong demand led to a historic runup in wholesale and retail prices.


Wholesale chicken wing prices reached a peak of $3.25 per pound in late May 2021, but retail prices continued to climb.  At the start of last year’s March Madness basketball tournament, the national average retail feature price was estimated at $4.29 per pound.  The average wholesale price in December 2022 was 89 cents per pound, down more than $2.50 per pound from the 2021 peak.  According to ERS, nearly a year later, just ahead of the Sunday’s Super Bowl, the national average feature price is down nearly $1.70 per pound to $2.62. 


Super Bowl LXII takes place Sunday, between the Eagles and Chiefs.  Kickoff is set for 3:30 on Fox.


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