Washington State potato farmers are on a mission to give away 1,000,000 potatoes to those in need of food during this trying time and here is how they plan to do it and what they need from you!

Restaurants are the biggest consumer of potatoes and due to restaurants being closed or barely operating the Washington State Potato farmer has lost most of their customers and are left with a surplus of 1,000,000 pounds of potatoes. Rather than letting them rot in potato sheds, they are planning to give away this valuable food source to those in need.

There have been a few give away events already and the next one is here in Tri-Cities on Friday, May 8th at Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick beginning at 11 a.m.  The potatoes will be bagged so you can just drive up pop your trunk or tailgate and they'll load them for you. The goal of Friday is to give away 100,000 pounds of spuds to Tri-Cities families who need them.

The Potato Farmers of Washington need your help to make the road to 1,000,000 potatoes a reality. They need funds to pay for washing, packaging, and transportation for food banks in the western U.S.

Here's an excerpt from the GO FUND ME

Our farmers and their families also recognize that they aren’t the only ones suffering financially. So many people have lost their jobs and are struggling to make ends meet. Our farmers would like to donate their potatoes that were originally set to be processed to food banks and those in need, these are potatoes that are not sorted, so each bag will have multiple sizes.  These are not like the potatoes you see in the stores that are all the same size in a bag.  The potatoes that we have a surplus of, were all scheduled to be turned into french fries, tater tots, wedges, etc.


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