I have a good friend who got hisCovid-19 shot at the Benton Franklin Fairgrounds today. So how did it go? Actually not that bad. First off, he did everything right and got all the paperwork necessary online (see below to get yours). As you now probably know, an appointment is needed (see below to get yours). His appointment was for 9:20 a.m. He arrived a couple of hours early at about 7:15. He said there were only about 30 cars or so in line at that point. That is a vast improvement from the other day when cars were lining up at 3:00 a.m.! But only 25 minutes later, the number of cars had nearly tripled. He said everything seemed orderly and was moving fairly quickly for the situation. Once he got his papers checked, it was about 15 minutes until go time! Once you get your shot they make you wait 15 minutes to see if there's a reaction. After that, you are on your way home!

To qualify to get your shot right now, you must be in Phase 1A and 1B. You can figure out what phase you're in HERE. Then when you're eligible, make your appointment HERE. Don't forget to bring your confirmation with you.

Visiting from out of state and want to get your shot while you're here? Sorry, no-can-do. Unless you work in Washington. New rules from the masters that be, say you have to live or work in the state of Washington to get your vaccination. Gee, I thought everybody was equal and fighting for unity. Only for some things, I guess.



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