Look up in the sky!

It's a plane that looks likes it's on fire but don't worry, it's all a part of a movie being filmed in the Burbank area today and through the next week.

According to reports, Burbank residents got notice that various planes and helicopters would be flying over the area over the next few days. The planes will be of varied ages so that would be the first sign that the aircraft isn't the regular planes you'd see taking off from the Pasco airport.

Samantha Idelson, who's supervising the shoot, says that she can't reveal any details about the movie or project but to expect that engine smoke will be used as a prop and that no planes will actually be in distress.

You'll also see several helicopters in the air as well.

You'll be able to see the flights near Pasco starting Friday, February 5th until next week February,12th and may return the week of the 14th if they need more filmed scenes.

According to the FFA, planes, and helicopters can't fly under 500 feet but you'll hear the roar of engines and the sound of helicopters in the air during filming. The film crews won't be filming on the weekends.

You can check more details on the movie filming and the planes here.

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