It all comes down to too much money going out (bills) and not enough money coming in (corona virus). The retail outlet Tuesday Morning on Canal in Kennewick is set to close at the end of this month, and Pier 1 Imports on Columbia Center Blvd. will be closing within a couple months, according to reports. It's really sad because before the Rona, Tri-Cities was booming and still is in many ways...but naturally shopping for non-essential items has taken a huge hit. Local restaurants are barely hanging on with drive-up and curbside service (and now 50% outdoor capacity). The owners of the new Chuck E. Cheese near Vista Field sunk $4 million into that project only to have to close in phase 1. Other businesses like GNC, JC Penny and Men's Wearhouse and their possible futures are also discussed in the link below.



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