A petition on Change.org has successfully reached its goal of 1,000 signatures, taking just a day to get there, in support of the ouster/resignation of Dawn Adams, Diane Sundvik and Rob Mabry. These are the three individuals who make up the three, in the 3-2 decision, to keep Kennewick middle and high school kids learning virtually until February, 2021.

terrified student sitting on the floor

The 1,000 person goal was met within 24 hours of the posting and the author of the petition is encouraging spreading the word stating that with over 19,000 kids in the Kennewick School District, the more signatures, the more pressure to force a decision to go a different route is the conventional thinking. The latest goal is a mark of 1,500 signatures.

The petition says:

Three of our Kennewick School Board members (Dawn Adams, Diane Sundvik and Ron Mabry) have repeatedly voted to NOT return to in-person learning, despite the advice of the CDC, American Academy of Pediatrics, our local health department, and our district superintendent, Traci Pierce.  The latest vote occurred Wednesday, October 21, when Diane Sundvik motioned to push out the prior start date of November 2, 2020 for middle and high schoolers to the beginning of the second semester, February 2, 2021.  A start date of February 2, 2021 has our middle and high schoolers OUT OF SCHOOL FOR NEARLY A YEAR!! 

The below signed parents/guardians, students, teachers, school administrators, and concerned community members (please tell us who you are in the comment section) are demanding that the above-named school board members RESIGN NOW so suitable replacements can be made, that will have the kids’ best interest at heart, and allow us to return our kids to in-person school now.

The irreparable damage being done to our kids under the current synchronous/asynchronous school system is immense and we won’t see the full aspects of it for quite some time.  A number of studies, as well as successful school districts all across the country and world have returned kids safely to school.  It’s time!

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