Summer is here and triple digit heat is in the forecast for the next few days.

Remember, your pets need extra care in extreme heat. Keeping our four-legged friends cool in the summer can be challenging in the Pacific Northwest. When people get hot, we sweat. Dogs and cats pant.


After seeing the sign below, you may want to walk your dogs early in the morning and later at night. If the pavement is too hot for YOUR feet, it's TOO HOT FOR THEIRS.

Vickie Carlson-Facebook
Vickie Carlson-Facebook

Some tips to keep your pets comfortable in extreme heat

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• Always provide cool, clean water. Fill two bowls in case one gets knocked over. If your pet is outside, make sure they're in the shade.

•  Leave pets at home during heat-waves. They're more comfortable in a cool home than in a hot car.

•  If you and your pet must travel in the heat, take an extra thermos filled with fresh cool water, just for them. If you have air conditioning, use it. NEVER leave a pet alone in a parked vehicle. Pets can suffer heat stroke, brain damage, or die.

•  If you know it's going to be a hot day, close the blinds in rooms to keep the sun out. this will help rooms stay cooler.

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Be aware of the signs of heat stroke. Signs include:

• rapid panting
•  lethargy
•  drooling
•  weekness
•  muscle tremors or collapsing

Pets suffering heat stroke should be placed in a cool, shady area, with cool water. Contact a veterinarian immediately. Read more about hot weather pet safety here.

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