You don't have to be a blockhead, Charlie Brown, to know Peanuts Park in Pasco, a favorite of Peppermint Patty, has needed an upgrade for a while.

City of Pasco

The project is funded from various sources. The bulk of the funding is through a federal Community Block Grant loan; two Legislative appropriations from the State of Washington have also been procured and secured, and supplemental funding from the City's General Fund.

The Pasco City Council recently approved a bid from Booth & Sons for $5.8 million in renovations for Peanuts Park off Lewis Street in Downtown Pasco. The renovation of Peanuts Park and the Pasco Farmers Market Pavilion has been an important goal of the City Council. The upgrades will include:

·                1. New covers for the Farmer's Market area

·                2. Replacement of the 1970's era concrete features

·                3. Upgraded infrastructure to better support food trucks and events

Pasco Peanuts

The City and its contractor will be working closely with area businesses, the Downtown Pasco Development Authority, and folks like us at Town Square Media, to inform the community on impacts and project progress as it occurs over the next several months.

The Peanuts Park project is one of two significant projects in Downtown Pasco in 2021; the Lewis Street Overpass is slated for construction soon. For a total of over $30 million, these projects signify the City's strong commitment to the Downtown area.

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Peanuts Park was dedicated in 1977 and was named for Noburu "Peanuts" Fukuda, a beloved man who gave candy to Tri-City children for generations.

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