I love the Tri-Cities for lots of reasons, and one of those is its size. Having lived in places like Seattle, San Francisco, Philadelphia, and Detroit, there are lots of reasons to love smaller towns.

But every now and then, and way too often actually, the Tri-Cities sees crime that used to only appear in bigger cities. While there's a lot of humor in this story, it's all so just kind of sad.

This is the story of two grown women who apparently can't get along. And while one may be more at fault than the other, neither one of them can seem to handle their differences like grown-ups. This story involves pulling off a wig, a loaded pistol, and twerking. I'm not talking about just any twerking, I'm talking about climbing on the push bars of a police car to twerk! Some of the comments in the post below are hilarious, too.


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