The suspect was apparently unhappy about a car deal gone bad.

  Pasco man jailed over threat, Cops find drugs and guns

A despite over a car deal led Police to a home where the SWAT Team had to be called out.

Thursday evening, around 7:30 PM,  officers responded to a call about a weapons threat. The suspect, identified as Phonesavanh Phothisene, nicknamed "Fonsi," had allegedly pointed a gun at a person, then left before Police arrived. The victim said they had just recovered their stolen vehicle, but Fonsi was upset because he had bought it without knowing it was 'hot.'  Presumably Fonsi had purchased it from the person who took it.

   Police trail suspect to 900 block of Lincoln Street.

Police, with help from SWAT team members, surrounded the home, and according to officers, 15 people came out, many of them in various states of intoxication. Two of the persons overdosed and had to be treated on the scene then rushed to an area hospital. Their condition is not yet known.

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Fonsi was also located, and police found 8 weapons inside, ammunition, and drugs as well as body armor. It is not known what weapons were in possession of Fonsi the suspect, Police did say four of the guns were stolen. Among the drugs confiscated was Fentanyl.

The investigation continues.


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