I'm a guy who loves to watch a show or movie and catch a Pacific Northwest reference. I've seen a few shows like Criminal Minds feature Spokane and I think I Carly once referenced Yakima but I'm always looking for mentions of the Tri-Cities and I think I spotted a good one.

I was on YouTube late last night and I've been enjoying a series called "Unwrapped" which features watching how our favorite foods are made and it usually runs on the Food Network.

I got hooked on the desserts ones especially those that feature twinkies and cupcakes and now I've moved on to burgers and fries.

Imagine my surprise when my eagle eye spotted "Pasco" in the video.

We do have a local Five Guys and Fries but it's obvious that this video wasn't shot in the Tri-Cities which means it's cool to see the Pasco Wa reference.

I'm sure it's our awesome Lamb-Weston potatoes featured in this YouTube video and man, just watching this video is making me crave some Five Guys Burgers and Fries.

Check out the video above and see if you can spot those Pasco potatoes in all of their glory. It was pretty cool to see them featured on the Food Network.

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