Two Pasco police officers were found justified in the shooting death of Hussein Dahir Hassan on Aug. 13.

A special investigations firearms review board found the officers' actions were justified after Hassan attacked officer Kiel with a sword and severely injured him.

When the two officers arrived at the scene, officer Kiel was charged by Hassan and attacked in the head with a 23-inch barbecue skewer. Officer Kiel suffered multiple large cuts on his head exposing the skull that needed stitches and staples. Officer Kiel said he thought Hassan was trying to “chop his head off” and kill him.

While trying to block the attack with one arm, officer Kiel reached for his gun and fired a couple of shots.

Another officer also at the scene (Officer Kuhn) waited for Kiel to get out of the line of fine and then also fired his gun at the attacker.

Hassan died later at the hospital after being shot 10 times.

““It is clear when weighing the totality of the circumstances that Officer Kuhn and Officer Kiel reacted to an imminent threat due to the aggressive assault by Hassan. Because of these aggressive actions the use of lethal force by Officer Kuhn and Officer Kiel was reasonable under the circumstances,” according to the review board findings.

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