Okay, so maybe it won't make beef taste like pumpkin spice, but this is a good reminder not to throw away your old pumpkins. As Halloween and Thanksgiving fade away, the Christmas decorations come in and the pumpkins go out. But please don't just throw those old pumpkins in the trash.

Whether they are the decorative little ones...

Steve Woods
Steve Woods

...or a larger variety...

Robert Gerhard
Robert Gerhard

...these pumpkins can go to good use for animals like cows. Oh, you don't happen to have any cows? That's okay, how about chickens? Yep, they will eat leftover pumpkins. So will ducks and turkeys and geese. What about horses? You betcha. Maybe you've got goats and sheep or pigs. They will all eat pumpkins too.

What? You don't have any livestock or farm animals? Well, pumpkin is even good for dogs and cats.

According to vetpoultry.com, cows love pumpkins and you can break them up or toss them in whole.

Pumpkins are rich in vitamin A which is good for birds like chickens, ducks, turkeys, and geese. You can break that up and pieces or just let them pack at a whole pumpkin.

Horses that like the taste of pumpkin (not all of them do), should get no more than a cup or two of pumpkin per day.

If you're going to feed pumpkin to your dog, don't overdo it. Too much vitamin A is toxic to dogs. But it can help your dog with digestive issues and weight loss. It's best to feed pumpkin to dogs either cooked or in a pumpkin puree. Same for cats, no raw pumpkin.

Hey, maybe you just want to feed your old pumpkins to the cows in Pasco, featured in the photo above? Those are Robert's cows and he's a long-time listener of our radio station. He says you can throw your pumpkins to his cows at 88 N. Dradie St., or just leave them in the driveway or on the lawn.

I'm telling you...pumpkin spiced beef can't be too far from becoming a reality!

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