You've probably heard of a Weather Stone before, but this one is special and I'll explain why. First, it does so much more than the average Weather Stone. Secondly, it was given to Townsquare Media by longtime listener Mark Miller of Kennewick as we were talking about what areas of the Columbia Basin were getting rain and who was getting snow. Thank you Mark! Nice craftsmanship! I've never seen a beaded Weather Stone before! For those of you that are unfamiliar with the Weather Stone, this handy little device is hung outside, but it must be hung properly. The Weather Stone must be installed higher than sprinklers and lawn mower chutes.  Do not stand in close proximity of the weather stone as this may seriously affect its accuracy. If the stone is dry the weather is fair. If the stone is white the weather is snowy.  If the stone is flashing there's lightning, if the stone has a shadow it's sunny. The Weather Stone also indicates seasons. If the stone is cold to the touch it's Winter, and so on.

 As I said, this Weather Stone does so much more than most. You can also use this Weather Stone as a timepiece. If the stone is lighted on the left side, then its sunrise, if the stone is not lighted or not visible, it's night time, if the stone is lighted, but only on the front side, you're reading it from the wrong side! Lol
The Weather Stone is magnificent when it comes to current conditions. There's no invention better. You'll even be able to tell if it's windy in the Tri-Cities if your Weather Stone is at an angle!

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