***UPDATE 8:38 PM***

Washington State Patrol has confirmed Richland resident 82-year old Edwina Steward was driving the wrong way on Interstate 182 when her vehicle crashed head-on into another driven by a 16-year old girl. The crash happened at 2:40 pm, resulting in a chain reaction of collisions. There were 6 vehicles involved, and all were wearing seatbelts.


Washington State Patrol is continuing to investigate a deadly multi-vehicle collision that took place in Pasco on Monday.

One person is deceased and one was transported to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries in several collisions that occurred just after 2:45 pm. WSP reports numerous calls were made to 911 that a wrong-way driver was traveling westbound the eastbound lanes of Interstate 182 near Road 100.

The deadly crash took place just east of the Columbia River Bridge. The wrong-way driver reportedly struck several vehicles. (5)

Credit: WSP Trooper Chris Thorson.
Credit: WSP Trooper Chris Thorson.
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