Sure the Scaregrounds are all about going through three incredible haunts that will totally freak you out. But did you know there are other things going on too?

If you feel like saving humanity from the plague of zombies, you can do Outbreak Zombie Paintball! You get on a battle-wagon, and shoot glowing paint balls at zombies coming at you! Don't worry, they zombies don't shoot back (they don't have the motor skills), so you don't need pads! You can get general admission that includes 100 rounds $20.00 or go VIP $35.00 for 300 rounds, re-entry, and a wrist band for less waiting!

Also, there's the Gaslight Zombie Lounge and Boozegarden. Hang out and have an adult beverage surrounded by the spooky sounds of the Scaregrounds. Characters are always walking around to give you fun scares, and you don't have to buy Scaregrounds admission to enjoy the lounge! 21 and over only Friday and Saturday nights!

Hungry? Tacos, bacon wrapped hot dogs, mini donuts coffee and more will be on hand to fill your belly! Walk around the Music Unlimited Midway, and pick your fave food! There are selfie stations and photo ops all over the grounds as well.

So come out and have a blast, whether you go through the haunts or not (if you are, get your discount voucher at Papa John's). But we're pretty sure you'll want to go in when you see what a great time others are having. Either way, you're welcome to come out and have a creepy-fun night! Open this final week in October Wednesday through Saturday and on Halloween night! For more info and tickets click this right here!

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