A new Washington state law prevented the Moses Lake Police Department from taking down an erratic motorcycle rider! 

House Bill 1054 took effect July 25th in Washington State prevents high-speed pursuit chases except in extreme circumstances has the Moses Lake Police technically "hand-cuffed" to the law.

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Moses Lake Police posted on their Facebook the incident that led to the pursuit of a motorcycle rider that eventually fled the scene. Here are the details:

Around 10 pm last night, a rider on a red motorcycle drove past our officers on multiple occasions at high rates of speed. However, when officers activated their overhead lights, the motorcycle fled.

Due to the new laws in Washington State, our officers were unable to pursue the suspect. He was last seen headed away at a high rate of speed weaving through traffic downtown while our officers could do nothing but watch.

A few minutes later, the same motorcycle blew through a red light on SR17 near I90, side-swiping a vehicle and heavily damaging the motorcycle.

The rider was able to remount his motorcycle and flee the scene, leaving a trail of debris and fluids in his wake.

Fortunately, the occupants of the vehicle he struck were not injured, but the car sustained significant damage

Officers were able to track the trail of debris and oil, into the residential area behind the high school and are working to identify the suspect.

If you have any information on this incident, please call 509-764-3900, reference case number 21ML11403.

Moses Lake Police are still looking for the suspect but it seems the new law will hamper the police from doing their job and might make for some dangerous situations in the future - You can read more details about the case here:

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