Tomaki Law Firm disseminated a video today showing a girl beating on another girl in a Yakima School District bus. The incident occurred in November 2011 and Tomaki released the video ahead of his civil suit against the school district because the bus driver failed to stop the attack.

The girl white show in the video (skip to 1:00 to see the incident) was a 13-year-old eighth grader at Franklin Middle School. The victim was attempting to get off the bus when the attacker yelled, “Bitches don’t get off!” She then pushed the victim onto the front row seat and punched her more than twenty times.

According to Tomaki Law, the bus driver, Sergio Garciduernas-Sease, was seated less than five feet away, but did nothing to prevent or stop the assault.e and ensure the safety of the students; as well as the authority and power to take action to stop it.

The assailant was later arrested by Yakima Police and charged with assault in the 4th Degree.
Tomaki is seeking fair compensation as well as court and legal fees.

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