Kennewick has a new breakfast stop located near Southridge called the Original Pancake House. This is the first of two locations opening in Tri-Cities in 2017 and is located by Bob's Burgers, Trios Southridge Hospital, and Hampton Inn just of highway 395. The second location is scheduled to open around 6 months from now in Richland.

One of the co-owners Ryan Medford says they are excitied to be in the Tri-Cities and are proud to offer an "unmatched breakfast experience" according to reports. The Original Breakfast House is based in Portland but is now in 28 different states. Even though they are tied to a big chain, they want people to know they are a local small business.

One of the best things about The Original Pancake House is that everything is made from scratch. They have a 3-7 day process to age their pancake batter, they make all their own syrups, and their bacon comes in 1/4 inch thick strips that weigh a 1/2 pound. I have heard a lot of great things about The Original Pancake House and are very excited to give it a try.

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