Every time I drive by the old Sports Authority store in Kennewick, I get a little sad. It looks so lonely and empty. I liked that store, but I too am guilty of not shopping there often enough apparently. But new business is going to fill that building with life! And it's all done by a Wenatchee veteran.  It will be called the Veteran's Warehouse Thrift Store, and he's already opened one in Wenatchee with great success. In fact, the Wenatchee thrift store has been open for about 8 years now. Once he gets this Kennewick store open, he plans on opening one in Richland also. The cool thing is, it won't just be a huge thrift store, it will also be an opportunity to train and employ veterans. Look for the old Sports Authority building in Kennewick, next to Lowe's, to be in operation by April 1st. Tell your friends and family they can drop off donations Monday through Friday at the old Sports Authority building. Thadd Lawson, the veteran behind this wonderful gift for veterans, says they will sell anything and everything that's donated, according to reports. Clothing, furniture, electronics, shoes, yard tools, you name it...just about anything and everything will fill the old Sports Authority building when they get up and running. So remember that opening date of April Fool's Day because this is no joke!


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