With the closures and the restrictions due to Covid, small businesses across the state are suffering. Not only have they been impacted by these closures and restrictions, so many people have turned to online shopping, Amazon has never been busier. However, we have one of the most incredible communities I have ever been part of. The support and outpouring of love for small businesses has been awe inspiring.

The first shut down was bad enough but many of these businesses are looking at permanent closures this time around. Thanks to the Facebook group "Shop The Tri" hopefully they can all avoid it! This is a local group where small businesses can post their small businesses or any sales they are having. The rules are simple, you just have to have a business license from the surrounding Tri-Cities area Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, w.rich, Finley, Burbank, BC, Prosser, connell Pasco, Kennewick, Richland, w.rich, Finley, Burbank, BC, Prosser, connell and your business will be seen by their almost eight thousand (and growing) viewers. Ann-Erica Whitemarsh, the founder of Rascal Rodeo created this group and she says,

Its crazy, how its helped small businesses. They've gotten hundreds of new likes on FB and sold thousands of dollars in new sales

I can't believe all the wonderful small businesses in our area that I didn't even know existed before this group! Go check it out and shop local! Thanks Tri-Cities!


Rascal Rodeo
Ann-Erica Whitemarsh

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