Have you dropped your ballot into the mail or dropbox? If you have, you can check your ballot acceptance online easily.

It appears that close to 1000 Tri-Cities ballots have been rejected already and you should check your status to ensure your ballot made it

Ballots can be rejected for various reasons but the number one reason is that the signatures don't match.

It does make sense as our signatures change over time so if you haven't updated your signature on file, it might be time to do that. You can also double-check your ballot status 24/7 online and it's free to do.

The Benton County elections office is reporting that over 60,000 voters have already voted with 600+ ballots in Benton County and 200+ in Franklin County ballots rejected for various reasons.

There is an easy way to double-check your ballot status and I used it this morning to check on my wife and my ballots and they've been accepted.

It takes a few minutes and the cool thing is you can check all of your information including what elections you've voted in and when you first registered to vote.

The website https://voter.votewa.gov/WhereToVote.aspx is where you can check out all of your voter information and even see if your ballot has been accepted.

The sooner you check your ballot, the sooner you'll know that your vote was counted.

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