The last time I shaved, I didn't have but one or two gray hairs in my goatee and mustache, just a little salt with the pepper. But as it grew back I was amazed by the amount of gray hair that appeared. Many things can cause gray hair, old age, stress, smoking, even Hydrogen Peroxide.Me, I'm blaming my grand kids, yep those little beggers are turning me gray. Every time they come over all they want to do is play, run around the back yard, play hide and seek, squirt the hose, the fun just never ends. I think every time I make them tell me they love me, I get a gray hair. I hope I go completely grey by the end of the year, I hope I get gray ear hair. I've said it once, and I'll say it again, grand kids are like dogs, they are always happy to see you. Bring it on gray hair, I ain't scared.

Bailey, grandpa, and Conner

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