Last night at Dax's in Richland,  Kate Turner and Matt Kenneon and his Lead guitar player put on a great acoustic show. It was a fun night of good food, friends and great music. (more on that in my next post) After the show we were all just hanging out, when I heard someone calling my name. I look over at the table next to ours, and they're two 'Hot Chicks' waving and saying hello, turns out it's Megan and Amanda, two very loyal and cool KORD listeners. We got to talk a little bit, and they showed me some pictures they still had on there phones from the fair last year. Being on air is some what of an ego driven job, but meeting people like Megan and Amanda who are long time listeners who appreciate what you do,  makes me want to push myself every day to be as good as I can. I am lucky that I get to do what I love to do for a living, and it's all because of all of you great listeners, and I admit sometimes I forget that. So thanks for the reminder Amanda and Megan, and all of our great listeners and sponsors, couldn't do it with out you.