Where can you win toilet paper on Thomas Crapper's birthday? Did you know we use 26 billion rolls of toilet paper a year in the United States? For me, just further proof the computer is the work of Satan. I can go on line and learn how to make an atomic bomb, build a dog house or learn how to take a wine stain out of my throw rug. Now I can go online and keep updated on everything about toilet paper. Are you kidding me? {click here} Though I must admit the story,'Toilet paper vs Bidet' was some good reading and made me think about the environment. I guess we take TP for granted some times, but if you have ever been caught out in the woods without the soft, fuzzy paper and your choices are pine needles, a rock, handful of dirt or a sock, we sure miss it. You can save money on TP at this site, and find out about the history of TP. Toilet paper has many different uses, like wrapping glass items when moving, it's a great source of entertainment for cats and small children. Who hasn't unrolled a TP roll just to get to the cardboard center sometime in their life, be honest. I believe the best use of all is decorating neighborhood trees and bushes, though most folks really don't see the artistic side of such a masterpiece. I am now more excited than ever to go out and search for cool websites. If you know of any, send them to me at chuckhall@townsquaremedia, let's share.