Born in Seattle but raised in Montana, I have always been around guns. Rifles and shotguns, mostly, but we learned early on to respect them as deadly weapons, and horse-play with even BB guns was forbidden. As I got older and my career took me to big cities where big game hunting for food had to be more of a 'vacation' than just going out on a Sunday, I became disenchanted with rifles and more into handguns. Marksmanship and target plinking has become my favorite hobby.

There have only been a few times in my life where I just felt safer carrying a gun. Nothing bad happened, it was just an uncomfortable moment or two with scary, scumbag-looking characters approaching and my wife even said, "Do you have your gun with you?"  These days, she carries too, and we both feel very comfortable with our guns, having spent many hours at the range. **A carry permit is not a license to carry and ignore your gun. You should know it very well before you carry and depend on it.**

So when I heard about a free 'must-know gun law' class, I wanted to spread the word. And if you've never taken the time to do some target shooting at Hole In the Wall in Kennewick, this will give you a chance to look it over and see if it's for you.

If you would like to know when the use of deadly force is justified, where you can legally carry, and how to interact with law enforcement while carrying, class info is below.

Must-Know Laws

For Gun Owners 101

FREE CLASS, THURS. 7/15, 5-7 P.M.

Hole In The Wall, 7509 W. Deschutes Ave, Kennewick

Even though it's free, you must register and reserve your seat at

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