Right about the time you think murder hornets are old news, or simply part of an already whacked out year, it has been announced by experts that they are about to move into their slaughter phase. Sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, right? Well, it's real. The good news (can there be good news from a slaughter phase?) is that the attack will not necessarily be on people, but bees instead. You may have read that murder hornets destroy honey bee hives. They don't do it just to be mean...they do it because honey bees are delicious...to them. Like a squirrel gathering nuts, the murder hornets kill the bees (by beheading them!) and feast, feast, feast in preparation for winter.

They say that to every pro there is a con, to every plus there is a minus, to every evil there is good. Maybe someday for every murder hornet, there will be a Happy Hornet, but they haven't been discovered just yet.

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