A lot of movies get filmed on the west side of our state but when you really want that small-town feel, filmmakers look to rural Eastern Washington for that perfect setting.

Grab some tissues and be prepared to be inspired and maybe tear up a bit with a new movie coming out that was filmed in Eastern Washington.

The Last Champion is the new movie and it was filmed around Garfield and Pullman Washington.

It stars Cole Hauser of Yellowstone fame and features Hauser as a former wrestling champ coaching a small-town wrestling team to the state finals.

Think of it like "Hoosiers" with Gene Hackman except instead of basketball, it's wrestling! I loved Hoosiers and this movie looks just as good.

Here is the plot synopsis:

A small-town wrestling star wins a gold medal at the Olympics, only to lose both his medal and reputation due to a failed drug test. 20 years later, he returns home after his mother’s death to save his family home from foreclosure. There he gets the opportunity to coach his town’s underdog wrestling team. Will he lead his team to victory or fall victim to his past?

The trailer and the movie look awesome:

Grab some tissues and be prepared to be inspired. The movie is being released on December 8th through I-Tunes and you can reserve with a pre-sale going on right now.

It's an inspirational family-friendly film and the cool thing is you'll be able to see the movie filmed in the beautiful backdrop of the Pacific Northwest.

You can check out more details on the movie here.

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