If you've been in the Tri-Cities for even a few weeks, you will have heard about Boat Races. That magical weekend at the end of July where Pasco and Kennewick become host to a river-side montage of beer, sunburns, partying, and oh yeah, hydro-boat races! The Water Follies have been going on for YEARS and has become on of the best things about living in the Tri-Cities.

Well, this year, Richland isn't going to be left out of the game. June 3-5 the  Northwest Powerboat Association will host to the Richland Regatta! 3 days of boat racing activities and, vendors, and family fun. The event at Howard Amon Park is free, but you can buy Pit Passes for $10 to get up close and personal. Do you think it's a good idea to have two events that are so similar in Tri-Cities, or do you think maybe this isn't the best idea? Take the poll and see what the rest of TC thinks, then check out the promo video below to get a sneak peek! I don't know about you, but I'm down with two weekends of fun! Just not sure if my liver can handle it! ;)