This poor guy looks like he was rode hard and put up wet, doesn't he? Well that's what you get for tangling with a Police K-9!

According to the National Police Dog Foundation, full training for a police dog can cost $12,000 to $15,000 total. And that's just for one dog!  Training typically lasts 4 months. And that's 4 months of full time training. Naturally the females are always spade and the males are almost always neutered, so they have nothing to live for except catching bad guys! Lol  And these dogs get extra special treatment. A police dog is extremely active and usually gets a super delicious higher nutrient meal at the end of the day. One thing the bad guys never think of, is that police dogs get obedience training. Something bad guys usually know nothing about. Add that to their agility, tracking, evidence search training and other skills, and you have a lean-mean-police-machine that cannot be out run! They can even be trained to help find dead bodies and lost children.

So the next time you think you can out run and hide from the police, you might want to read (and enjoy) the story below. Not only can you not outrun a dog, you simply can't hide. "This is the police! Come out or I'll release the dog!" If you hear that through a megaphone, yeah just come out. It'll save you a trip to the ER. Unless you like dog-bite scars that you can brag about later. There's always that.

Man runs from burglary. K9 Rex runs faster

Brian Smith, 22 was caught by K9 Rex after he fled a burglary last night....

Posted by Moses Lake Police Department on Monday, January 25, 2021



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