The Moses Lake Police Department has a really good Chase video that went National on the TV series Live PD on A & E. I don't subscribe to that channel, but I am following Live PD on A & E on Facebook now, and they share lots of show highlights and very cool True Crime segments. (Our TV is either on Grey's Anatomy or True Crime shows, depending on if my wife snatched the remote or not).

The Moses Lake Police Department has also been highlighted on the Investigation Discovery series Body Cam. One thing I do subscribe to is Discovery +, and I have just now discovered the series Body Cam, so I can't wait to see this episode. According to the Moses Lake Police Dept. on Facebook, the documentary will provide an insight into what happens on the front line of policing and includes body cam footage from an officer-involved shooting that occurred in February of 2020. Looking at the comments on this post, this is a hard one to watch because this was the incident in which a Moses Lake Police K-9 was shot.


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