A woman and two kids are thanking Moses Lake Police for their safety.

Police attempted to arrest a violent felon on Tuesday, a about 12 noon, on 4 outstanding warrants near Ivy Street in Moses Lake. That's where Salvador Harguideguy took off on foot with officers close behind. The criminal made his way to Western Avenue where he came upon a woman who had just buckled in her children in their vehicle, preparing to drive away.

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Harguideguy forced his way into the driver's seat fighting with the woman.


Officers managed to get to the chaotic scene in the nick of time. One officer moved the woman to safety and then dove into the vehicle on top of Harguideguy, preventing the felon from driving away with the children. The felon continued to fight the officer, attempting to drive away.

As Police were struggling with Harguideguy, the mother and others were able to pull the children out of the vehicle.

Officers finally got control of the situation and removed the felon from the car and into custody.

Harguideguy was taken to jail on his existing warrants for Assault 2nd degree, possession of a stolen firearm, unlawful possession of a firearm, and Burglary 2nd degree/Theft of a firearm.


Harguideguy was also booked for the new charges of Robbery-first degree, attempted motor vehicle theft, and resisting arrest.

He's going to be behind bars for a while.

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