Twin City Foods is a company based in Stanwood, Washington. It recently announced it's closing its packaging plant on the west side and transferring about 85 jobs to Pasco! Last time I heard, agriculture is the third largest industry for jobs -- or maybe No. 1 for jobs and No. 3 for "source of revenue" for community -- I forget. So if you're looking for work, reach out to Twin City Foods! And to employees transferring here, may I recommend a few things to get you settled:
1) don't miss boat races for nothin'!
2) invest in a nice bicycle or walking shoes because those river trails are truly something else.
3) find a friend with a boat, because you're going to love the fishing.
4) if your commute includes the Blue Bridge, pack and "emergency kit" in your car with all your favorite snacks and tunes, because sometimes it backs up.
5) it's pronounced "Meesa", not Mesa, don't ask me why.

Peach Canning
Getty Images, Topical Press Agency

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