Place your beautiful bird in a roaster pan.  Cut up an onion, some celery and apple, stuff inside the cavity of the bird.  Rub the bird down with the seasoning of your choice, paint on a coating of olive oil, place in oven at 350 until you see a nice, brownish skin.  Should take about 30 mins.  Take bird out of oven.  Let cool a few mins, and pour a whole bottle of white wine in the pan.  Now cover pan with lid or foil, and continue to cook at 350.  DO NOT CHECK ALL THE TIME AND BASTE!  The bird will soak up the wine and be moist and juicy...of course, the alcohol will cook out of the wine.

This will be our first year preparing a turkey this way, but doesn't it sound perfect?  My wife's co-worker has been doing it this way for years and everyone raves about it.