The new 14,000 square Second Harvest Distribution Center is currently under construction and located off Hwy 395 in the Port of Pasco, relying a majority of it's efforts on the community and their volunteerism.

This new building is a $1.7 million capital campaign for Second Harvest, but the most important point is that generous investments of labor have been donated by the local union members. Pledges to donate labor will cover everything from the excavation, concrete, carpentry and steel building erection to drywall installation, finishing and painting.

Unlike the old center, this new distribution center will have 2,000 square feet of cooler space, another 2,000 square feet of freezer space and a 2,000 square foot volunteer center.

With all the efforts being donated to Second Harvest, the project has taken on the feel of a modern day barn-raising.  It's so amazing to see the pairing of the labor unions work, local companies and suppliers all coming together. However, Second Harvest still needs $500,000 and needs your help!

Visit 2nd Harvest's website for information about the project or how to get involved.