In an article posted from a few months back, Palouse Falls which is a Tri-Cities mainstay for out-of-town visitors made some changes to accessing the park.

credit: gulnaz/unsplash
credit: gulnaz/unsplash

Palouse Falls had plenty of hiking trails and easy access to the pool below if you could climb down to the bottom.

Is Palouse Falls Closed?

At the start of the year, The Washington State Parks Commission decided to close access to the trails and the pool below to recent accidents.

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What Washington Waterfalls Are A Must See?

I know everyone loved going to Palouse Falls and you can still do that but you'll basically get a quick picture and that's about it. It's gorgeous no doubt but doesn't offer the views and access that another close Washington State waterfall can give you.


You might already know the falls I'm talking about because the lodge and the falls were featured in the cult-classic TV show "Twin Peaks"

unsplash/ganapathy kumar
unsplash/ganapathy kumar

The waterfall worth exploring is Snoqualmie Falls.

How Tall Is Snoqualmie Falls Waterfall?

Snoqualmie Falls is located between Snoqualmie and Fall City Washington. Snoqualmie Falls is a 268-foot waterfall that is spectacular and worth the day road trip from the Tri-Cities.

Snoqualmie Falls's official website posted details on the current access to the falls that you can enjoy:

Update (12/3/2020): The upper observation and lower observation decks are now open. The park is operating normally except that the restrooms in the upper and lower parks are still closed.  We are still providing portable toilets at each location.

The free parking and free viewing area are open from dawn until dusk. Leashed pets are allowed. Lights illuminate the falls in the evening. The distance between the free parking lot and the viewing platform is approximately 200 feet and is wheelchair accessible.

It's a worthwhile road trip that'll provide for an amazing day road trip.

Here are the directions to the Falls:

We make it easy for you, we've Googled mapped the trip for you here.

If you've been wanting to get closer and closer to some amazing waterfalls in Washington besides Palouse Falls, Snoqualmie Falls is a great substitute.

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